Advertising Yourself To Friends

How do you make money? Many of your friends are unaware of what kind of business you run. You would be surprised at how often small businesses face this problem. When you start any business, before thinking of extensive marketing, start advertising yourself to friends first.

The more people know about what you do, the more likely they will do business with you.

It is important to educate your friends and acquaintances about your small business. By advertising yourself your business to others, they will become some of your most reliable sources of new clients.

Right now, you have many business and social networks of people who know you personally: clubs, workout partners, school groups, college groups, relatives, hobby groups, etc.

As a person and character, your friends and acquaintances know you by who you are and what you represent in person. Their primary concern is your friendship. Your profession is secondary to your life.

Therefore, it\’s your responsibility to let them know how you can help if (or when) they need what you offer. The people you work with are valuable assets to your business and to your personal promotion.

The goal is to become the \”go-to\” person for your friends when they need your help. Instead of What\’s In It For Me (WIIFM), you want them to ask you, What Can You Do For Me?(\”WCYDFM\”) To put it another way, \”Would you be able to help me solve my problem?\”?\”

The type of business you run may be known to your friends. \”He owns a garage, she runs a consulting company, he is a travel consultant, and she does event planning. It is common for small businesses to have vague names.

The more you simplify and make clear what you do, the more effective it will be. Share your stories. Provide examples that are easy to understand.

It is likely that you already have a few \”elevator speeches\” of ten to thirty seconds describing what you do. Create another version that a wider audience can use.

Use your own personal storytelling style when explaining what you do. You should use your judgment when inserting your message into improvised situations.

Ensure that your circle of friends and acquaintances can easily talk about you. Multiplier effects are created by friends telling friends about each other… and so on.

Your small business is always on the lookout for new customers and clients. Why not take advantage of the personal opportunities that are right in front of you?

Learn about their businesses as well. You Advertising Yourself to them, They will advertise Themself to you.
You can use it both ways!

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