How to Identify a Fraud Coach (Fake Gurus)

Hey guys

Online education is growing rapidly in India and around the world.

As a result, fraudulent coaches are also entering the market (often referred to as fake gurus).

There is no easy way to tell the difference between a real coach and a fake coach.

There was a guy who ran the e-commerce store and made $3,000 a year. The cost of making that was $4,000, however. In all, he lost only $1,000.

His understanding was that picking a niche and running an e-commerce store well is very difficult, and he would probably fail if he tried more.

So, showed people that he made $3k with e-commerce without disclosing how much he spent.

Do you know what he did next?

He has developed a course on e-commerce. After failing at his own e-commerce store, he is now seeking to train others on the same.

That\’s a fake guru for you.😈

A preacher without practice.

As a result, although our training business is very profitable, we still operate Be Personal Brand as an agency. This is because we cannot teach digital marketing without doing it for real clients in multiple industries.

Though I have worked as a digital marketing executive for 3 years in 3 well-known startups, in spite of that, I still want to keep my knives sharp by doing digital marketing.

A guy who doesn\’t know how to play the guitar cannot show you how to play.

A person who does not practice yoga regularly cannot teach you yoga.

Shapeless and fat guys can\’t teach you anything about fitness.

It is important to check whether a coach practices what he preaches before signing up for online courses. There is no doubt that they have resulted in certain categories. There are certain categories in which it is not allowed.

The majority of preachers simply rewrite a course or training program based on other books. Even though it is immoral and sometimes illegal, they get away with it.

The same goes for \”business professors\” who teach business in colleges without ever having been in business themselves.

Become a digital marketing trainer in a year by studying all the digital marketing courses available. The only digital marketing he/she will be doing is promoting their own digital marketing courses. I find that hypocritical.

People like this won\’t last long in the market because they\’re outdated. Innovation is impossible for them. They are only copying other people\’s techniques, which will eventually stop working.

When choosing a mentor, be careful. Be careful not to fall into the same trap when coaching others.

Don\’t teach a skill to others unless you have mastered it and gained some personal experience working on it.

It is easy to spot a fake guru since people are smart.


Alternatively, if they are extremely flamboyant, bragging, and showing off on social media, they may be fake gurus. Their clothes are too bright, they show off their cars too much, and they keep posting generic high-level videos without any technical expertise.